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Michael Nels – a consultant and entrepreneur who gets things done

My focus is on SMEs that develop and market brand/premium products and services. What is unusual about my skill set is that I don’t specialise in a particular sector, but am instead a generalist with more than 26 years of experience – over 20 years of which in top-level and senior management, not to mention a further ten years as a self-employed interim manager and consultant – who has steered companies of all kinds to success.

The fact that I have to familiarise myself with new firms and get to grips with new products, services, markets and strategies each time has given me considerable far-sightedness. My in-depth knowledge of Hamburg and the city’s business community is not only crucial to my work as an interim manager, but is also a passion of mine. My clients are SMEs in Germany and Europe that are keen to work with me as an equal partner and harness my passion to spur their development.

My values

For me, being an interim manager means working with you as an equal partner, but the perspective is what makes all the difference – I never work from the standpoint of an outsider or external advisor, but instead communicate from one entrepreneur to another. For me, this partnership of equals means trust, reliability and responsibility.

I take ownership of all project stages: from the initial idea and concept development through to implementation and evaluation, my work as an interim manager is built on trust and commitment to your goals. What matters to me is finding profitable win–win solutions for your success and being a partner you can rely on.

Michael Nels, Interimsmanager,
My services

I provide interim management and consultancy services across all aspects of corporate/product positioning, the strategic alignment of business segments and process optimisation, particularly in sales and marketing. My portfolio not only spans cost optimisation, innovation management and organisational (re)structuring work, but also marketing outsourcing, market/business analysis and sales consultancy. And last but not least, I also offer product management and key account management. As a partner at EXPENSE REDUCTION ANALYSTS, it is my mission to enhance your competitiveness and put effective cost management at the forefront of your business.

Michael Nels, Hamburger Interimsmanageer


Michael Nels

I am a sales and marketing expert with extensive experience in the field of FMCGs and premium/brand products in both Germany and abroad – and have been working at senior management level for more than 23 years.

As a specialist in effective sales, creative marketing and sustainable innovation management, as well as efficient cost management to drive profitable growth, I am motivated by the challenge of combining the external perspective of a consultant with the internal point of view of an interim manager. As a leader of interdisciplinary teams, I am passionate about bringing together people, strategies and cost management to achieve measurable success.

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