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The experience of an equal partner to safeguard the success of your company

Plans, strategies, innovations and projects all need someone to act as a catalyst. Working on an equal footing and with a passion for your business, I steer you and your company on a path to growth and success in my role as an interim manager and consultant. By virtue of my extensive experience in small- and medium-sized enterprises, I attach great importance to managing the entire value chain together with you, one entrepreneur to another, from the initial idea to the actual implementation of a profitable solution.

My understanding of your business is underpinned by knowledge, experience and sensitivity. As an interim manager and consultant, I work as closely with you as the situation demands – and am fast, flexible and reliable.

Interim management – providing leadership

Michael Nels - Interimsmanager - Geschäftsführung

As an expert in interim management and interim leadership, I am an equal partner who is both responsible and reliable. I am on hand when you need an executive to take the helm at your company for a fixed period. I will lead your team in the development of solutions, communicating from one entrepreneur to another.

Interim sales management

Michael Nels, Interimsmanagement in Norddeutschlnad

With many years of sales experience, I am on hand to streamline your sales operations. I will lead your sales team to success and – by means of a dialogue with your customers – lay the necessary groundwork for meeting your sales targets. In other words, I will reliably and professionally take your sales department to the next level.

Interim marketing management

Michael Nels, Interimsmanager Marketing

I make it my mission to reposition existing products/services and launch new ideas onto the market and get them established. As an interim marketing manager, I work precisely on those concepts and materials that position your products and services to perfection and make them successful. In doing so, I draw on my vast experience in the field of product management and effective brand communication.

Innovation management

Michael Nels, Interim Manager Innovation

The way I see it, managing innovation is all about shaping the future and continuously evolving. After all, innovations are only the key to success if they are pursued continuously. In an ever-changing world, I regard innovation as the delivery of management, concepts and methods that make your new ideas successful and establish a firm foundation for the future of your business. Whether we’re talking about innovations in the structure of the company or in the portfolio of products and services, I am your first port of call for continuous innovative excellence.


Michael Nels, Interim Management, Sanierung und Optimierung

I am passionate about rethinking processes and developing restructuring measures that deliver long-term success for your enterprise. These days, market requirements for the provision of products and services are changing all the time. With this in mind, I am able to keep finding new solutions on your behalf, thus guiding your company to sustained success.

Business consultancy

Michael Nels, Hamburger Interimsmanager

As a consultant, I am well versed in challenging situations and can apply my knowledge and passion to keep your company on course, making it more agile and better equipped to scale new heights. I am accustomed to taking over at the helm, especially in critical situations, keeping companies on course and providing 360-degree consultancy.

Cost and process optimisation

Michael Nels, Hamburger Interimsmanager, Kostenoptimierung

Drawing on many years of experience, I work across a variety of sectors and possess a broad spectrum of expertise, enabling me to identify and develop cost-effective ways to meet your objectives. As a partner in the international firm Expense Reduction Analysts, I will help you reduce costs and, on the basis of optimised processes, pursue new and more efficient approaches when it comes to marketing your products and services.


Project report: Innovation management in the food industry

Michael Nels, Interimsmanager Marketing

The client is an SME in the food industry with approx. 360 employees. The interim management contract was awarded due to an empty new product pipeline and a variety of projects that had been started, but not completed. I took charge of the national Innovation Management department, with my job being to ensure a sustainable stream of regular new products and product ranges for launch in food retailers. It was particularly important to quickly identify new ideas and products.

Project report: International sales and sales management (Pharma)

Michael Nels, Interim Manager Innovation

A specialist provider of technically sophisticated products for the pharmaceutical industry, with approx. 650 employees, was looking for a Head of International Sales. In my role as an interim manager, I was tasked with leading both the Sales and Sales Controlling departments.

The European sales operation of the firm, which itself is part of a multinational organisation, was highly profitable.



Michael Nels

I am a sales and marketing expert with extensive experience in the field of FMCGs and premium/brand products in both Germany and abroad – and have been working at senior management level for more than 23 years.

As a specialist in effective sales, creative marketing and sustainable innovation management, as well as efficient cost management to drive profitable growth, I am motivated by the challenge of combining the external perspective of a consultant with the internal point of view of an interim manager. As a leader of interdisciplinary teams, I am passionate about bringing together people, strategies and cost management to achieve measurable success.

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