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Interim management and leadership

The drive and reliability of an interim manager

In dynamic markets, precise manoeuvrability in all situations is a crucial success factor. In some situations, however, the team might be lacking the right sounding board or the ideal leader to help it reach its ambitious goals. As an interim manager, I put my extensive management experience at your disposal, steering your teams to success while efficiently completing projects and specific tasks. For me, interim management is about drive: I take over at the helm when the ship encounters choppy waters and steer your company safely to its next destination.

Interim sales management

Leading your sales team with a clear focus

If sales of your products or services have not got off to the flying start that reflects either their potential or your expectations, you need an experienced partner with a fresh perspective, but one who is still on your level. As a sales manager, I lead your team and, as a key account manager, your customers, breathing new life into your sales and connecting with your target groups. As an interim manager, I focus on your goals and make the sale of your products and services my top priority.

Michael Nels, Interimsmanagement in Norddeutschlnad
Interim marketing management

Setting clear goals, realigning strategies, implementing measures with precision

Getting things right – and getting your message across – is imperative when it comes to driving the success of your products and services. Because when innovation, communication and positioning meet the right products and portfolio, it goes a long way to ensuring the strength of your sales. With my particular combination of management knowledge and experience concerning pain points, I understand your position perfectly. Having set clear goals in consultation with you, I develop suitable strategies and plans before putting into place the measures necessary to boost the sales and value added of your products and services. I will optimise the marketing mix, gear your product portfolio to your customers’ needs, reinvigorate your communication, set prices that are right for the market and provide powerful sales consultancy.

Michael Nels, Hamburger Interimsmanageer
Innovation management

Continuously working on your innovations

Market and customer needs in relation to your products and services are changing all the time, with expectations increasing. We will only stay successful tomorrow if we keep providing new answers and solutions to meet these requirements. When I talk about ‘new ways of thinking’, I mean innovative thinking across the board. That’s what my philosophy is all about. Using tried-and-tested methods, processes and experiences, I transform tomorrow’s ideas into successful measures today and help you guide your company to a bright future.

Interim management, restructuring

Overcoming crises and keeping the ship on course

When existing structures reach their limits or companies/divisions find themselves at risk of losing their way in turbulent times, help is required. With the insights I have gleaned from crises successfully managed, the calm demeanour that comes from experience, and my skill in making the most of existing resources, I get your enterprise back on track with a raft of restructuring/reorganisation measures. As an interim manager, I am used to taking charge at critical moments. I am familiar with challenging situations and passionate about keeping your company on course, making it agile and supporting its rise.

Business consultancy

Creating opportunities, taking the company forward

I regard myself as a consultant, sounding board and equal partner whose sole motivation is to take your company forward. If consultancy is to be an effective tool, it has to be based on knowledge of the market and the various levels of value creation. Specialising in bespoke corporate development, I quickly take stock of the situation, address the problem directly and work with you to develop concrete and feasible approaches that deliver success and growth.

Michael Nels, Interimsmanager
Consultancy on cost and process optimisation

Optimising the cost situation to create room for manoeuvre

Firms gain genuine competitive edges when they take the best and most cost-effective path. And because I know how comfortable well-trodden paths can be, I lead your company through cost and process optimisation tactfully and with considerable experience – and I know the various cost-effective routes to meeting your goals. When it comes to cost optimisation, I am a partner in of the market-leading company Expense Reduction Analysts; in particular, we focus on making SMEs more competitive. Therefore, I can assist you in reducing costs and finding new and more efficient ways of working, based on optimised processes. More than 2,500 clients over the past 25 years have put their trust in Expense Reduction Analysts – and they have benefited from the advice and support of 130 partners on their process optimisation projects. On account of this combined expertise within a multinational organisation, I am a consultant with a results-oriented mindset in terms of delivery and remuneration.

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Michael Nels

I am a sales and marketing expert with extensive experience in the field of FMCGs and premium/brand products in both Germany and abroad – and have been working at senior management level for more than 23 years.

As a specialist in effective sales, creative marketing and sustainable innovation management, as well as efficient cost management to drive profitable growth, I am motivated by the challenge of combining the external perspective of a consultant with the internal point of view of an interim manager. As a leader of interdisciplinary teams, I am passionate about bringing together people, strategies and cost management to achieve measurable success.

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